God Particle Higgs Boson Found

God Particle Higgs Boson Found:

God Particle Higgs Boson has been Found.Large Hydrogen collider is a gigantic machine near Geneva between the border of France and Switzerland more than 100 meter deep underground.The Motive of this machine is to find god particle named as Higgs Boson named after a  physicist Peter Higgs.The work of peter higgs inspired the scientist to Build LHC.

Today 4 july ,2012 the scientists has announced they they are very near to find out the God Particle Higgs Boson.According to the report the protons are collided billions of time and God particle has come to existence about 300 times.The God Particle Higgs boson have come to existence and suddenly disappeared .The Scientists believe that with the God Particle come in existence they can Solve the mystery of Big Bang and a lots of questions like:is Time travel possible?why Universe is Expanding?what is the dark matter?what is the Black hole?

The Physicist says that with the God Particle Higgs Boson come in existence the standard model will be completed.

God Particle Existence Confirmed

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What Happens In Large Hydrogen Collider



Higgs Bosson The God particle Explanation:


Large Hydrogen Collider and God particle Facts :

  1. It Costs 10 Billion Dollars.
  2. It Lies In Tunnel of 24 Km.
  3. It Accelerates particles to Light Speed and made them collide.Acceleration takes place with Magnets.
  4.  When two beams of protons collide, the temperatures is  100,000 times hotter than the heart of the sun, concentrated within a miniscule space are generated. For Cooling the Super fluid helium is Used which keeps machine at -271.3 Degree Celsius.
  5. 10,000 Scientists and Over 60 countries working on large hydrogen collider.
  6. 600m collisions occurs every second.
  7. machine has 9300 Magnets and has 10,080 tons of fluid nitrogen which is used with Fluid helium to keep temperature down.
Today Scientists have given report on the LHC operation and Revealed the Report on the Higgs bosson and The God Particle Higgs Boson is Found.This has taken a lots of years.

What is Higgs Boson?

Higgs Boson is what we call God Particle ,Today in few hours Scientist may confirm the existence of Higgs boson the God Particle.Higgs Boson considered to be fundamental particle of matter.The meeting held in Geneva is Not for nothing ,The Scientist have achieved which would change the physics from now on. Scientist are 99.9936 percent sure that they have found Higgs Boson The God particle.

The Motive Of LHC(Large Hydrozen collider) :

The Original motive of the Large hydrogen collider was to found the God particle Higgs Boson , Now that Scientists are certain that they have found Higgs boson. But the LHC won’t stop.the scientists say they will continue to this Experiment and This Atom smasher won’t stop even the Higgs Boson is confirmed.This will certainly answer that How matter gets its mass.

The Dark Matter and Higgs Boson:

with the confirmation of the Higgs Boson the God Particle.The Science will move next to find out about the Dark matter and the Mystery of the Black Hole.What we see around us is the 4% come out of the BigBang.But what matter we don’t see is called dark matter which is the 96% part ,which we still don’t know what it is.Its surrounding us all this time and still unknown by science.Scientist believe that with the evolution of the The God particle Higgs bosson it will be easy for them to find out the dark matter and the They will solve the Mystery of the Black Hole.

The Universe is continually Expanding and why is that?we don’t know yet as we don’t know about 100% of universe.But with the help of Higgs boson we can find out rest 96% of universe we don’t know.Then we can get all our answers.This might bring revolution to the Physics,many rules might break and many might change and many new laws will come.

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