Is Bing Optimization Different than Google?

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Is Bing Optimization Different than Google?

Since Microsoft has launched the Bing Search Engine SEO Analysts are working to find search techniques and identify the Bing Search Algorithm.As it a Microsoft product it is expected that it would eat a google’s bigger share.But Google has been challanged by many big projects like this but yet here Google is at the Top.The reason is users.its becoming habit to search on the Google.We usually say google it rather than search it..means google has become alias for search.But Bing is lot different than google’s older competitors and that’s what makes it special.

Bing Optimization Different than Google  :

The Results found on bing are lot different than Google’s ,you can just search same term on both search Engines and you will find a lot difference in there.yet some time the results are similar ,so which makes it hard to detect the algo used by the bing.

It is Pretty much Clear that Bing is different than Google and So is the bing optimization different than google.So is that really that different that we need to optimize a website in different way for both the search engines.well its hard to say as we don’t know yet the bing’s algorithm.

Bing algo is not available yet for public so we don’t know how to optimize site for bing.So SEO analysts are working on it and trying to find how exactly the difference between bing and Google.

Some people say that bing is just new name for windows live search.But Live was very different than that.Bing search results are very much relevant than the Live search.

Bing Optimization: -Bing Social Results :

Google va bing optimization

Google vs Bing

When You Search on the Google ,it will include some search results from the Google+.The Bing Search Engine provide more Social Results ,actually it will find facebook results and bing is looking for intergrating twitter,google+ and other social media results from social sites.So bing takes  it to new level.






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Differences of Bing From google – Bing Optimization :

According to results found yet some differences for bing optimization have been noticed.

  • Domain age matters more for the Bing search engine rather than Google Search optimization.So old ois gold here.So New sites may struggle if they have older competitor.
  • For Bing we cant say that no rel links matters or not.
  • Onpage SEO matters bing like for google ,but unlike google which give more weight to off-page SEO ,while bing give high weight to on-page SEO.So you write quality article and you will be on top at the Bing.I have tested it.
  • Bing is Found to me More Flash Friendly ,So Bing understand flash more that Google.
  • Link Spamming do not matter for the Bing , So that behavior is different than google.So you won’t want to spam for Bing optimization.
  • backlinks are not much important to Bing as they are to Google.You can find it by comparing search results of bing and google.
  • PR do not matter in case of Bing .So you can see the results of pr1 going on top of PR6 or 7 For a Search Result.
  • The Text of anchor link matters for the Bing as it is for google.
  • The New content or Just Updated content does not matters much as Bing Index much Slower than Google.

We are not sure of these factors as they are calculated as experiences , since the bing algorithm is publicly out we can’t be Sure.But bing  is building now,there might be more changes in the Bing.

That was all For Bing Optimization differences from Google.Keep Vising.


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